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Monday, May 14, 2012

Commission update

That's right, I actually got some progress done on a commission. Crazy, right? Just goes to show I never forget anything, just slow and lazy.
Oh, and mind the bright blue bedsheets. That color is just a placeholder for now.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Whoops, lost track of time

Oh look, a new blog post. :V Sorry I haven't updated in a while, been pretty busy with other things. I'll just link my latest art.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guess who's finally making progress on commissions again?

Me. :3c

Thanks to Dreke for all the support to get me through these hard times. Now that the majority of my TF2 mods are finished, I can get back to cracking down on these commissions. I'LL TRY BETTER TO FINISH THEM FASTER, MKAY?


Alright faggots, you can start fapping to Spike's fat dick now. <3

Meet RoBro 3000!

This is also a rather late update as well, but fuck it.

Allow me to introduce the latest TF2 contribution that my BF and I made: RoBro 3000! A robotic companion that follows you.

It took a lot of work for both of us, but this little guy works very nicely in-game. He'll follow you anywhere, has his custom animations, and even glows in the dark. You could also paint his lights, too.


Please do your part and comment, vote up, and favorite our robot. The more support, the better chance it has of getting in the game. Also take the time to watch my videos that demonstrate the robot in action!

Very late update, but whatever :V (Shaolin Scorcher is complete)

Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been pretty busy as hell lately.

ANYWAYS, the Shaolin Scorcher has been completed and is available on the Steam Workshop. Well, mostly completed. It's finished enough that it has been sent to Valve, BUT thanks to Naburus visiting Valve recently, Valve had given us constructive criticism on how to make the shotgun better. For now, here is the link that takes you to our shotgun in its current form.


Here is the link. Feel free to comment and vote it up! We will let you know when the shotgun has been updated. Wan Hu will also be getting a face lift later, as well.

Monday, January 9, 2012