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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sneak peek at an upcoming commission

Let's face it. I'm terribly slow with commissions. That's probably my biggest disadvantage when it comes to doing commissions for people. But at the same time, this gives me a chance to work on some techniques I've never done before. Dreke's been giving me a few pointers about creating artwork that uses no lineart. I've never done it before, so I've been experimenting with it on my current commission for Star.

Eh...it needs work. But I'll keep working on it and see how it goes. Hopefully I can learn this technique pretty quickly so I can move on to the next commission. Wish me luck!

Oh Spike, always being a show-off

For those who watch my FA page, you may have already seen this. Here's a quick update on how this is progressing so far, completely uncensored for all my blog-following fans. :P

I am very messy at drawing/ coloring, I know lol. Hope ya' like so far. Expect more soon!

TF2 Contribute Update - More progress on Guan Dao!

A little bit of progress has been done on the Guan Dao, a melee weapon for the Pyro. This is a part of the Chinese Dragon Pack. The weapon is close to completion, all that it needs left are the chinese dragon engravings on the blade itself. Wish me luck!

TF2 Contribute - The Wrath of Wan Hu!

This is actually old news, but I didn't see any harm in posting about this (considering I haven't touched this blog in quite a while). Anyways, The Wrath of Wan Hu, a primary weapon for the Pyro, has been completed! It is part of the Chinese Dragon Pyro pack!

For those who don't know, the Chinese Dragon pack will consist of Wan Hu, Guan Dao, an unnamed chinese dragon shotgun, and Zhu Long's Yin, a dragon hat.

The shotgun is still in heavy development, so I have nothing to show for that as of now. If you're interested in the hat, however, feel free to visit here!