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Saturday, January 1, 2011

General Bahamut Teaches His Pupils About Rippage

 Happy New Year!

So yes, I fucking love muscle and military. Mix them together with a little bit of clothes ripping and BAM! You've pretty much hit my weak spot in the kink department.

Lame title, I know.

Bahamut finally received his new tablet in the mail earlier, so what better way to celebrate this occasion as well as New Years by testing it out? So we OC'd and did stuff. Naughty stuff. :U

For those who don't know, Homit is basically my idol. He's always been my biggest inspiration even far before I knew about the fandom's existence many years ago, and I always look up to him. I always see him as the "King of Dragons and Muscle". :P

Unfortunately, Homit's new tablet wasn't working right with OC, so he pretty much just watched me draw this. I always imagine Homit would be some big hot shot General in the military and he'd always be teaching his dragon pupils how to get buff and ripped. Yes it's a kink of mine, DON'T BE JELLY.

Bahamut © His Player

Art © M. A. "Nidhogg" Guerra


  1. dude gonna need some new clothes :o
    really great on those anatomy
    the build is just good :D

  2. Your grasp of human anatomy is pretty astounding.