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Thursday, January 6, 2011

TF2 Contribute - Zhu Long's Yin

The promo for the lastest mod Ragnar and I have been working on.

The hat is finally finished and has been sent off to Valve. Decided to slap together this promo real quick to show it off.

Here are some snapshots that show off the hat much closer.

Hope you guys enjoy! And thanks for telling me Happy Birthday. :3 Here's to hoping this hat makes it into the game!

Model by Opethrockr55 (Ragnar)
Concept Art/ Texture by SolWarriorNidhogg (Nidhogg)
TF2 © Valve

1 comment:

  1. great job. If I didn't find TF2 to be an unenjoyable mess, I might have bought it in the event that it were put into the game if I didn't already have the Mr. Foster mask.

    Anyway you guys are gonna get tens of thousands of dollars of this thing if valve puts in in. Respectable.