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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let's see, what to post about.

Just got home from college, BORED AND FIGURING OUT WHAT TO DO. Guess typing up this blog will kill a few minutes for me.

Before I start, jesus christ, Blogger's fucking horrible with this Composition. Why is it hard to just select areas in your block of text and making paragraphs in between images? It's buggy as hell, that's why. I've never had to use a post publisher as unresponsive as this one.

ANYWAYS, doodled this in one of my classes. Yeah, I was that bored.
"Face it, Scooter, you ain't ever going out with a girl at this rate. Why don't you just throw in the towel and settle down with me?" <3
And for those who only come here for the PENIS PENIS PENIS:
"Golly gee, having two dicks sure is better than one! Too bad I can't even see them as I HAVE NO EYES LOL."


Some dude in one of my classes at college was showing this off on his phone. Fucking hilarious. Can't believe this has been around for a month and I had yet to see it 'till now.

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  1. Blogger's editor is FUCKING AWFUL. It made me hate blogging. I switched to wordpress after about a month.

    Such a sexy Spike! And that video, oh god.