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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Storms. Storms EVERYWHERE.

So for those who haven't heard, a tropical storm that was once a hurricane a few days ago hit Texas today and we're feeling the hurt. The roof of my house is damaged and my job had to actually close for a few hours due to a major power outage. FUN TIMES.

Anyways,  to make this post more worthy of viewing, here's some more crap I've been working on and off on.

This is really becoming a bitch to work on. My BF and I are re-working on an old TF2 mod, the Viktoriya, a gun for the Heavy. He spruced up the model and added a few details while I'm making a new texture from scratch. There's not really much to look at yet, but I felt like showing something.

Was thinking about making a new dragon hat for the Pyro. After checking out the competition for the past months, I've been starting to think that the current dragon hat is kind of bland. Still debating whether to do a full costume or just the head.    

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